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The Foundation for GAIA, an Environmental Foundation

When creating the framework for what was to become the Foundation for GAIA, we quickly realised that focussing on the environment alone was not enough. The environment was placed into a much wider context and those factors impacting destructively upon it had to be identified as well as the consequences upon other areas. A further aspect that had to be taken into consideration was that of the evolving human rights edifice, especially the “right to a healthy environment”

It became clear that be environment was not being served by an economic system with an aggressive commercial trade agenda requiring market access for its industrialised products, a great need for resources to satisfy demand for products that were manufactured cheaply in nations often with a convenient legislature often also offering generous tax incentives; a system based on maximising profits at any price, and where neither sustainability nor human, labour, social, environmental, cultural rights and sustainability were integrated into economic thinking nor action.
We are now understanding the undeniable fact of the inter-relatedness of processes and systems; how interlinked the environment is with all aspects of our life and social fabric through science, trade, health, education, governmental legislature, human rights, international law, land and resource management, technologies, social, spiritual and cultural connotations, traditional knowledge and methods and local and global impacts.

How our actions affect our environment and these in turn affect our health, our economy, our quality of life. We are also finally realising that by losing plant and animal life and polluting our environment, that we and our earth are in peril.

Eco comes from the Greek oikos, meaning house, place where we live. Logos in Greek means word, as well as principle and meaning. As such Ecology is about the meaning of our home, our dwelling space. During these last 30 years we have been pretty busy trying to understand something about our environment. Sophia in Greek means wisdom. Has the time arrived that we finally have the wisdom to act on the knowledge we have gained so far? Has the time arrived to add Ecosophy to Ecology?

While realising from the very start that our mandate is “only” an environmental and educational one we knew then that in time our work would be expanding.

Below some examples of the links between the environment and…

Environment and Culture

Environment and Spirituality

Environment and the Healing Arts

Environment, the Arts and Sciences

Environment and Education

Environment and Trade

Environment, Development and Learning

Environment and Ecological Technologies

Environment and Nuclear Waste Decontamination Technologies

Environment and Water

Environment and Human Rights

Environment and Racism

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