New Energy Sciences

The Foundation ƒor GAIA and the new Energy Sciences


The Foundation supports the research and development of efficient clean energy systems which are affordable, universally applicable, sustainable and environmentally safe, while also respecting the diverse cultural needs and views of people around the world, including indigenous peoples, allowing us at last to act in partnership with nature in protecting the complex life-support system of the planet, having learned how to make them more technologically effective and efficient, and move towards a new sustainable and just economic and social system that makes a clear distinction between wholesome and cancerous forms of growth.

Human society depends upon energy – whether it be heat from a fire or electricity from a power station, yet paradoxically much energy production pollutes the environment in which we live. Societies all over the globe are becoming increasingly dependent on electrical power. In fact, in the West, it is almost impossible to imagine life with out electricity, and we rely on it for everything from making our first cup of tea in the morning, to walking home under streetlamps at night. Now with the introduction of electric cars our dependence on electricity will be further increased. Electric power can be produced in many different ways – some of them ‘clean’ and renewable, such as water, wind or solar power, and some of them polluting for the environment, such as burning fossil fuels, or the use of nuclear energy.

However, the new energy sciences could completely revolutionise our way we deal with energy and might well be able, if the political will is there, to move us from an expensive energy dependent and polluting civilisation into one where energy is not only clean and sustainable but also freely available… Too good to be true? Maybe not…

Clean and Sustainable Energy Technologies and Clean Energy Sciences

Since the 1980s the Foundation ƒor GAIA has been working with the international co-operative network of advanced scientific thinking, the Planetary Association for Clean Energy Inc. (PACE) with its HQ in Canada. The Foundation ƒor GAIA and PACE cooperate on two initiatives to protect the environment – the Agency for Clean Energy Production (ACEP) and the Atomic Energy Clean-up Programme (AECP).

New Research into Clean Energy Sciences

The scientific network of the Planetary Association for Clean Energy (PACE)  are continuouslu researching and developing new energy sciences and cautioning the public when new products are rolled out without sufficient testing and without the needed state regulation. This is often happening when science and industry are ahead of government policy as has been the case with mobile telephony (and issues related to radiation and electro hyper-sensitivity), to nano technologies, artificial intelligence, weather modification methodologies, cloning, remote transportation modes (e.g. drones) etc.

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